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Beatriz Ramirez is a Colombian artist who currently resides in Miami, Florida.

She is completely and almost religiously devoted to her art.  Her studies and investigations on porcelain painting, oils, and watercolors have been dedicated to the constant creation of aesthetic forms and concordant colors, the true and full expressions of vitality and beauty.  In the past decade years, she has been at the head of the renovation movement of porcelain painting at a National and International level.


Due to her knowledge and experience, Beatriz has undertaken religious themes from the Middle Ages such as Icons and Madonnas and she has invoked Egyptian motifs from a lost civilization.


Beatriz Ramirez has participated in various National and International exhibitions, where she has dictated Porcelain seminars and she obtained many awards.  She has carried exhibitions in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Guatemala, France, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Italy, Thailand, Spain, Japan, Egypt, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Portugal, Australia, and the United States.


B    E    A    T    R    I    Z        R    A    M    I    R    E    Z

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